Decades of Experience

Backed by decades of industry experience, Rees Photography stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of Real Estate Photography and Video Services. Trust in our wealth of experience to elevate your listings and create impactful visual narratives.

Real Estate Photography

Essential Photography Packages

An entire gallery of images wouldn’t do you any good if they weren’t featuring the right things. Realtors understand all too well that buyers can be very meticulous over the details of their new space. They want to know exactly what they’ll be seeing when they pull up in the driveway, while cooking with the family in the kitchen, and playing out in the backyard with the dogs.

At Rees Photography, we take that responsibility seriously, that’s why we always photograph multiple angles of the front and back yard, the entryway, living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and anything else that might be of interest to a buyer, like a fireplace, or custom-made hallway hutch.

Real Estate Photography

Aerial Photography

Before aerial photography services were convenient and financially viable, certain listings were destined to have a noticeable hole in the coverage of key selling points. Features that really brought a lot of value to a listing were simply not able to be highlighted in such a visibly recognizable way. Now, through the power of aerial photography, listing bonuses like close proximity to a lake or lush golf course are easy for buyers to witness.

In order to protect our own reputation, and that of our realtors, all of our operators have worked exhaustively to achieve this certification. Also distinctively professional is our gear, all of Rees Photography’s drone operators bring the latest in pro drone technology to deliver the highest quality images to all of your listings.

Real Estate Video

4K Property Films

Something that amateurs often overlook about film is that sound is half of the experience, at the absolute minimum. That’s why when we select music for your short film, we don’t just throw some random track on your project and call it a day. We take the time to make the best selection of music for your property’s distinctive mood & style from our growing library of professionally produced music.

Staging Services

Virtual Staging

From living spaces to bed and bathrooms, our access to a library of thousands of drop-in décor assets can create a lively atmosphere in any setting. Our deep catalog of assets assures that we have what you need, no matter your home’s style.

Cheaper Than Home Staging

Paying a professional home staging service can cost $1,500 a month just to maintain! When you stage your home with our Virtual Staging Service, you pay for the images and you’re done! Say goodbye to costly maintenance fees.

Photo Editing Services

Elite Editing

Rees Photography offers the most advanced, highest quality marketing media in the Central Valley. The best agents understand the impact of professionally produced photos to sell their listings.

Real Estate Marketing

Matterport Virtual Tours

Together with Matterport’s exciting technology, we now have the ability to hand over the keys to prospective buyers and let them walk through your listing online. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of always having your listing in prime condition, or you are just wanting to have your home be as open to everyone as possible, our Matterport virtual tours are an incredibly valuable asset to have in your corner.

360° Photos

Making a splash on social media is all about utilizing the latest technological trends. 360° photography is yet another innovation that brings your page even more impressions.

Real Estate Photography

Twilight Photography

Specialty images captured at the peak of lighting conditions- dusk.
Have the Best Thumbnail on the Page! The competition for digital curb appeal is more fierce than ever, and the amount of space realtors have to make an impression is very small. Because of this, the need to capture a user’s attention takes more effort than ever before. At Rees Photography, we believe that nothing has the ability to catch eyes quite like twilight photography.

Real Estate Marketing


An easy add-on to any photos package, our Slideshows turn your gallery of images into an engaging video slideshow. Zoom effects, image transitions, and upbeat music all come together to keep viewers engaged throughout. Delivery is comprehensive: you receive the actual video file of the slideshow, and even a URL- that’s right, we’ll even upload and host it for you!